The Right Options for the Travelling in December Now

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We have here the first winter month. With good will, we can think of a few inches of snow, so some of you are heading for the mountains. But do you belong to those who do not like winter very much and would rather warm up somewhere in the sun with a drink in hand? Even in December there are plenty of relaxation opportunities for all. In winter, we were very limited opportunities to go for the heat. But have you heard about Cape Verde? In December we have a temperature of about 28 ° C, for warming and stay at the water super. Now where to travel in December? Let us know.

Where in the sun in December?

Why couldn’t you spend the pre-Christmas bustle or the holiday’s right here on the beach? In this period, although it is more likely that wind blows in, it is warm and will certainly please water sports enthusiasts. The islands are also ideal for snorkeling or diving especially Boa Vista, you can observe turtles, lemon sharks, moray eels and crawfish. You can take your holiday at a price range of 22 to 28,000 per person per week. Even in December, the weekends are held by bus, but we look at them a little from the other side, which is not only about knowledge, but also fun. Even before the holidays, when St. Nicholas and the devils come to our place, go to our neighbors to march a little bit different and more frightening Krampus devils. Perhaps the most sought after is the procession in Retz on December 9, which is near borders.

Holidays in December in the mountains

However, if you are thinking about a holiday trip, try a little different New Year’s Eve. Usually it is a trip for 3 to 4 days to the capitals of European countries. Enjoy exuberant celebrations in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome or Vienna, most of the offices also offer sparkling wines for free. Ski opening in early December is typical mainly for Italy and resorts such as Livigno, Val di Fiemme, Aprica and several others. It is valid in the pre-Christmas period to selected accommodation capacities. Although it is clear to us that nothing is free, prices in this period are minimal and the resorts will not be so full. Another very popular date of your stay is Christmas, so book as soon as there is still some accommodation available. Enjoy perfectly groomed and artificially snowed slopes, and after a day’s movement you can enjoy hot chocolate or Aperol Spritz on the slope.


Every year, thousands of people practice a pattern of behavior. In summer they will flock to the seaside destinations, where crowded beaches and high prices of stays are not a must, while in winter they are beating over depressing weather. Are you one of them or have you already discovered the magic of a winter holiday by the sea? Winter holiday at the sea has not one but many advantages. Not only will you escape the harsh weather, but probably save on accommodation, because in many destinations hoteliers are reducing their prices in low season the difference can be up to 50%.

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