Seo Tools That You Surely Need Now

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A step worthy of that of a craftsman, none of our analysis is automated. The audit of your site that an expert from the agency will conduct for you, will highlight the strengths on which to rely, while it will detail the blocking factors to work. Based on the most ethical practices of the current web referencing, you work white hat only. The audit is given to you and explained during an interview of about 2 hours all communication media are possible for this presentation. This step helps define your real Free SEO Tools ┬áneeds and the site’s real ability to position itself against its competition.


The SEO audit is simply essential in a rational SEO web approach. Your ambitions are naturally to place your site in first position of the SERP, but on which requests? The study of your keywords will condition the whole optimization process. After a work of reflection in common and a phase of statistical analysis of the requests on the web, a selection of the 15 to 30 best keywords corresponding to the site will be released. No, do not be a programmer to work on the few elements of the source code of your pages that concern SEO. It is important to mention here, the title tag, the description, the writing of your URLs and prioritization of content via the H tags and Alt images. You will learn to optimize them. It is not so difficult if your keyword research has been done well. On the other hand it happens that the techno of a site is outdated and that its coding presents some blocking factors.

Content production

In this case recommendations of corrections will be envisaged unless a mutation of the site towards the CMS WordPress is a better choice, cost cost-effective management efficiency. Here again the application of basic advice will allow your texts to stand out and position themselves. You will learn to write web for your readers while following Google’s codes. Creating internal links helps spiders browse your site and discover its content. The pages of a site are not all visited simultaneously by the search engines, nor on the same date, nor at the same pace, nor even entirely each time. The internal mesh reinforces the coherence and the credibility of a portal. It reinforces the impact of keywords via the quality of the anchors used. This is a point that is considered with a lot of application in my approach to SEO. The essential aspect of back linking has long been accepted and some SEOs only focus on backlink strategy.

Backend optimization

Depending on how much time you spend on it, the creation of links pointing to your site will be defined. Some quality directories, some contributions on blogs and forums, friendly recommendations, an article from time to time in the press reviews of the web, a guest posting exercise, a hint of social networks, alliances with your friends, partners, customers and suppliers, all honest means are good to improve the reputation of your site. These are the matters that you should be looking for now. You need to know every bit of the SEO now and get the best out of it.

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